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2020 Summer work for AP Physics

Hello and welcome to AP Physics for school year 2021! This is a tough and challenging course, but it is also fun and enlightening. Each year the AP class has been stronger than the previous year, so I am excited to see what you can do next year!
One of the toughest things about AP Physics (and AP classes in general) is that there is no time in class to read the textbook - just like college, that's on YOUR time. Also, there are tons of resources on the internet to help students with AP Physics, but that takes time, too. So, to prepare a little, refresh your memory, and get warmed up for next year (already? Yes, I know, but it's AP...), you need to do two things this summer:
  1. ASAP this week: Join the Google Classroom (you'll get an invite shortly, or just use the code tiefrqq ) and read the first message on the Stream.
  2. Each week: Complete a simple weekly assignment that I'll post on the classroom (there's one this week, and then each Monday after this). Most of them are just getting you familiar with videos available online or the e-textbook we will use for the class. No problems or labs...yet!
Everything else, we'll deal with in the Fall. I can't wait to see you again, or meet you for the first time! Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
*** NOTE: I have been told that the class is slightly overfilled - 34 people chose it as their first choice, and there is only space for 28-32, so there is a SLIGHT chance that you may have to take this in a future year instead, but 90% probability you are in the class for this year! We were told that we CANNOT give preference to students for doing the summer assignments  - the final decision will be made by the counselors based on programming, how it fits in your schedule etc. ***

Aidan Phillips