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Hello JHCP Parents!  

* To help our students and families prepare for the first day of school on September 8, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is partnering with Google for Education to provide virtual, real-time trainings for families as they get ready for the new school year. All CPS staff and students will be using Google Education Suite this fall, and these trainings will help you support your child with online learning. See flyer attached below. 

Las Escuelas Públicas de Chicago (CPS) se han asociado con Google for Education para proporcionarles a los estudiantes y a sus familias sesiones virtuales de capacitación, en tiempo real, con el fin de prepararlos para el nuevo año escolar, que empieza el 8 de septiembre. Todo el personal y los estudiantes de las CPS utilizarán Google Education Suite este otoño, y las sesiones les proporcionarán a las familias maneras en que podrán ayudar a sus hijos durante el aprendizaje en línea. Porfavor de ver el flyer. 

  • The CPS Family and Community Engagement in Education Department  is excited to launch a series of
    virtual workshops to help families navigate this new normal. Virtual offerings will
    be curated by experts and include various topics in the following areas: social emotional support, academics, arts and mediation, technology support, and direct access to experts from the field. For more information please click the FACE- Parent workshop list located on the right hand side of this page.
  • Below you will find the COVID-19  Emergency Resource Guide 2020 that was shared with us by the Brighton park Neighborhood Council ( BPNC) and other resource guides. We will continue to update this page as we receive new resources. 

COVID-19 Resource Guide

Healthy CPS Resources for Parents/Families

The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Mutual Aid Fund will provide one-time emergency grants of up to $500 to individuals or families experiencing homelessness, including people who are unsheltered, staying at a shelter, or living doubled-up with family or friends. Those who were previously homeless and are now at risk of becoming homeless again are also welcome to apply.

El programa de asistencia mutua del Chicago Coalition for the Homeless dará fondos de emergencia de hasta $500 a individuos o familias que están sin hogar. Incluidos son individuos o familias que están viviendo en un albergue, en la calle, o con familia/amigos. Individuos o familias que han sido sin hogar y están al riesgo de perder su hogar también son elegibles para solicitar los fondos.



  • Here are some resources and financial assistance etc. It also lists lots of support for undocumented families. If your family needs support with filling these out, most local aldermen, state representatives, senators and community organizations’ offices are helping families fill out these paperwork.  The link to find your alderman, state representative and senator is on the bottom.
  • Calm Classroom Resource: The Calm Classroom mission is to empower children and adults alike with mindfulness-based techniques that support mental and emotional well-being. We recognize that there are events unfolding across the globe right now that we don’t quite have control over. What we can control, or at least try to, is our individual and collective response. Though we may feel isolated, we can also feel united through caring for ourselves.  Click on the link below to view the Free Calm Classroom E-Book, which includes mindfulness activities in both English and Spanish.
  • During the district’s scheduled spring break, which begins Monday, April 6, families may pick up grab-and-go meals at 136 school sites across the city from Monday–Thursday, 9 a.m.–1 p.m. A detailed list of spring break meal sites is available here. Beginning the following week (Monday, April 13), the district will launch a consolidated meal plan under which 276 schools that were most frequented by families will continue to provide free meals, and schools that were less utilized by families will no longer serve as distribution sites. 

  • Durante las vacaciones de primavera, que comienzan el lunes 6 de abril, las familias podrán recoger las comidas en 136 escuelas en toda la ciudad, de lunes a jueves de 9 a.m a 1 p.m. Para informarse de los sitios donde puede acudir durante las vacaciones de primavera, vea esta lista detallada aquí. A partir de la próxima semana (lunes 13 de abril), el distrito lanzará un plan de comidas consolidado en el que 276 escuelas más visitadas continuarán proporcionando comidas gratuitas; y las escuelas menos visitadas ya no servirán como sitios de distribución. 
  • Are you looking for free or low-cost options to obtain internet services? Please look at the "Getting Connected to the Internet" flyer for more information!
  • Esta buscando opciones gratuitas o de bajo costo para obtener servicios de internet? Mire el folleto "Conectarse a Internet" para obtener mas informacion!
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