Local School Council (LSC)

LSC Logo

Chicago Public Schools have Local School Councils (LSC) which are responsible for three main duties:

  1. Approving how school funds and resources are allocated
  2. Developing and monitoring the annual School Improvement Plan
  3. Evaluating and selecting the school's Principal

Local School Councils consist of the following members:

  • School's principal
  • 6 parents
  • 2 community members
  • 2 teachers
  • 1 non-teacher staff
  • Student representative

John Hancock College Prep's LSC meets the first Thursday of the month at 5:30PM in the Library.



JHCP's Local School Council 2021-2022

Vanessa Puentes Principal
Maria G. Moreno Parent Representative/Chairperson
Judith Quintanilla Parent Representative/Vice Chairperson
Katie Garcia Parent Representative/FOIA/OMA Officer
Hector Villalobos Parent Representative
Maria Velasco Parent Representative
*** Vacant *** Parent Representative
Maria Sanchez Community Representative
*** Vacant *** Community Representative
Froylan Jimenez Teacher Representative/Secretary
Jeschelyn Pilar Teacher Representative
Alex Roman Martinez Non-Teacher Staff Representative
Andrea Castillo Student Representative
We currently have TWO vacancies on our LSC (one parents and one community representative). Please email Yolanda Mendez at ymendez@cps.edu for additional information on submitting completed applications.
*For your reference, the English and Spanish applications are posted on our website, however please visit the CPS website to access the application in multiple languages.
How can I participate more with Local School Councils?
Chicago Public Schools also a Local School Council Advisory Board, where parents can learn more about district level opportunities as well as bring back information from the larger community. Below are flyers and agendas about upcoming events hosted by the LSCAB.