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School Policies


JHCP behavior expectations are implemented and supported by The Nest located in Room 119 through Ms. Garcia and Mr. Gutierrez, in collaboration with students, teachers and administration. The Nest is a space that takes a restorative approach when dealing with conflict. It provides a safe space to reflect on mistakes, take accountability, and restore. The space sets the standard for how we operate as a community.   

The Hancock Way: Respect ~ Integrity ~ Responsibility

Respect, Integrity, and Responsibility are three core values at Hancock College Prep.  These core values guide how students, teachers, and staff relate to each other and are vital to the success of every individual in the building.  It is the goal of this community to bring these values to life at every possible opportunity over the course of the school year.

Example Definition of Respect

Treating others and myself with honor and following school rules

Example Definition of Integrity

Choosing to do the right thing even when others aren’t looking

Example Definition of Responsibility

Accepting complete ownership for my actions and the effects they have on me, others, and the school community

Student Expectations: 

When the following guidelines are adhered to, school becomes a pleasant and welcome place for us all. 

All students are expected to:

  • Carry a valid school ID at all times and surrender it to school personnel when requested;
  • Come prepared and on time to school and class;
  • Respect other students, teachers, staff and school property;
  • Carry a pass with you if you are in the hallways during class time 
  • Move in an orderly manner in the hallways, without running, pushing, or any behavior that disrupts the flow of students from one class to another;
  • Show pride in the school by keeping it clean and neat and by not littering, tagging walls, desks, or lockers;
  • Respect other students, avoiding verbal threats, “put downs,” sexual harassment, cyber bullying, racist or homophobic slurs, or physical assault of another person (fighting); and
  • Use appropriate language in school and on school grounds.



CPS Student Code of Conduct 

The behavioral policies at John Hancock College Prep are adopted from the Chicago Public Schools’ Student Code of Conduct (SCC). Every student is provided a copy at the beginning of the school year; please reference the SCC for additional information on expectations, rules and your rights. 

There are 6 groups of infractions in the Student Code of Conduct. When a behavior incident occurs, it is categorized into one of the groups. The higher the infraction, the higher the consequence, as well as the repair that must be done to the person/school community impacted by those actions. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct to be aware of  specific behavior that will have direct consequences issued by JHCP. Be ready to be challenged to understand your actions as well as repair the harm done to the school community. JHCP takes a restorative approach and firmly believes in students being responsible for negative behavioral choices. Behavior incidents are documented and added to a student's formal discipline record. 

Group 1- Inappropriate Behavior 

Example: 1-6 Persistent tardiness to school or class (3 or more incidents per semester) 

Group 2- Disruptive Behavior 

Example: 2-7 Possession (physical control over, such as contained in clothing, lockers, or bags) and/or use of  tobacco or nicotine products, matches, or cigarette lighters. 

Group 3- Seriously Disruptive Behavior 

Example: 3-4 Profane, obscene, indecent, and immoral or seriously offensive language and gestures, propositions, behavior, or harrasment based on race, color, national origion or immigration status, sex, gender, secual orientation, age, religion, gender identity, gender expression or disability.  

Group 4- Very Seriously Disruptive Behavior 

Example: 4-1 False activation of a fire alarm that does not cause a school facility to be evacuated or does not cause emergency services to be notified. 

Group 5- Most Seriously Disruptive Behavior 

Example: 5-17 Use or possession of illegal drugs, narcotics, controlled substances, “look alikes” of such substances, or contraband, or use of any other substance for the purpose of intoxication in or before school or a school-related function. 

Group 6- Illegal and Most Seriously Disruptive Behavior 

Example: 6-6 Sale, distribution, or intent to sell or distribute alcohol, illegal drugs, narcotics, controlled substances, “look alikes” of such substances, contraband, or any other substance used for the purpose of intoxication.  


Be aware of your surroundings! While conversations might not be intended for a specific audience, in can absolutely impact the larger school community. There are some restrictions as to what can be shared verbally at JHCP as a public institution. It is expected that student’s use appropriate language in the school and school grounds  in order to maintain a safe and secure educational environment. Be prepared to be corrected by any staff member, as well as receive possible consequences. Remember to respect other students; avoid verbal threats (to people or the school), “put downs,” sexual harassment, racist or homophobic slurs, profanity, etc. 


Search and Seizure

The school principal, assistant principals, or a faculty designated by the principal shall be authorized to search and seize the contents of lockers or personal property when there is reasonable suspicion that the contents may include stolen property or present a threat to the safety, health, or welfare of individuals in the building. 


Metal Detector Searches

Any person entering Hancock may be subject to search. All students entering the building are subject to metal detector screenings. Please be sure to follow directions from school security officers if you are asked to complete a more thorough screening.


Graffiti and Tagging

Hancock is our home. We have over 1,000 students who enter our building every day, along with under 100 staff members. With a five-person cleaning crew at JHCP, it is our responsibility to maintain our space clean. Students caught tagging or vandalizing school property will face consequences as outlined in the CPS SCC, in addition to restoring the harm back to the JHCP community. If you want to report vandalism and have it removed from the building, please visit our website to access the Request for Building Services link. 




John Hancock College Prep High School maintains dress code policy to ensure our learning environments continue to reflect our values of Respect, Integrity, and Responsibility. We will ask students to change into school appropriate clothing if they are in violation of our dress code for first time offenses. In addition, we will contact parents if the student needs a change of clothing or if the student is not being cooperative. A student may also be removed from instructional time if the behavior continues and/or is noncompliant with administrative requests. 

**School appropriate is defined as clothing not in violation of codes 2-6, 3-9, 5-6 of the Chicago Public Schools Student Code of Conduct- or clothing that does not cause any distractions to the instructional environment of the school. Administration, including our Dean of Students, will have discretion regarding whether clothing item is deemed appropriate as aligned with our LSC approved dress code policy.**

  • Tops should reach the waistline and bottoms (shorts/skirts) should be longer than your fingers while rested against your side.
  • Undergarments should not be exposed: 
  • Such as, clothing that is excessively sheer or see through, or pants sitting too low. 
  • Clothing should not be offensive or present a safety issue, such as, but not limited to: 
  • Clothing that promotes gang affiliation 
  • Clothing that promotes violence or offensive language 
  • Clothing that promotes alcohol or drugs 
  • Hats are acceptable (provided the above criteria is met)
  • IDs must be on your person at all times and available to staff when required 


Cell Phone Policy

Mobile/cell phones used in school not only pose an interruption to the educational process but

also a threat to the safety and security of all students. Students are reminded to turn off and

secure cell phones during class and passing periods. Students are not allowed to charge their

cell phones in their classes unless directed by their teacher. A student may use his/her cell

phone during his/her lunch period in the cafeteria only. A student must receive permission

from the principal to use a cell phone during any other time. A student using a cell phone in the

building other than in the cafeteria during lunch may have it confiscated and returned only to

a parent. Additional offenses may result in suspension.



Herrera, Adriana
Youth Intervention Specialist
Security Team:
De la Garza, Inez
De la Rosa, Rennie
Guzman, Ricardo
Marrero, Michael
Roman-Martinez, Alex
Schoenke, Donna