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Program Description

 What is the Dual Enrollment/Credit?

   This is a an opportunity for students to take a college course while still enrolled at Hancock. Chicago Public Schools will pay the tuition for students, thus providing students with opportunities to earn real college credit while still enrolled in high school! 
Dual-Enrollment courses are offered at the city college campus. Students would attend school at Hancock and then leave campus to attend class at the city college. (Rental fee for textbooks applies; varies per course)
Dual-credit courses are offered at Hancock. These courses have been approved by City Colleges of Chicago, and students earn both college credit (they start a college transcript) as well as high school credit. All teachers have applied, and been approved, to teach these courses as adjunct professors. (Rental fee for textbook applies)
Why take dual-credit?
Dual credit/enrollment courses provide you with an opportunity to earn free college credit! You will work with a college academic advisor to enroll in courses that are part of the transfer program- meaning your courses will transfer to many local institutions. Please the CPS website to learn more about the program! 
How do I qualify for the class?
These courses are only open to students in the 11th and 12th grade. All students must have at least 90% attendance rate and a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. 
After completing the online application http://pages.ccc.edu/apply/ , students must apply to take the placement test. Students who earn at least a 540 ERW and/or a 530 in Math are eligible to take the courses and do not need to take the placement exam.
Note- Hancock will offer one placement exam on a Saturday morning in May. Students can also take the placement test directly at Daley. That information will be posted when available.