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News & Updates

*****************Updates: June 14, 2018***********************
Between prom, graduation, end of the year wrap up, I have been SWAMPED. But, I am still working through the dual credit process.

Please remember that while Daley sets the requirements around student acceptance, Hancock sets the guidelines for the courses at Hancock because we have existing partnerships that give credit to work students have done (ie- AP courses, Pre law work, etc).

Juniors can ONLY place by SAT score. In addition, you all had to submit an application to me. If you have not completed YOUR part of applying to college and signing up for the course, you'll be removed from list. Because you signed up for a college course, you will go into AP English Literature if you forgot to choose your English back-up. You have until Friday to turn in your documents. You need counselor signatures and transcripts (but no ID picture). Please complete ALL forms, including transcript requests, scheduling card, etc. Remember to sign everything. I am not sure what they will need/not need, but if it's on their checklist, I am confident you also need those. I will be driving over to Daley to hand deliver the paperwork myself.

Sophomores, remember that my seniors get priority in the course because you can still try again senior year. Dual credit satisfies your CPS English 3 OR 4 class depending on the year you take it. Not all students will get in. If you never sent me a placement score or an application, I removed you. If you didn't select dual as a first choice, I removed you. I have a waiting list now and you will need to talk to me if you did not get dual. Because you signed up for a college course, you will go into AP English Language if you forgot to choose your English back-up. Some of you received a programming sheet with English III as an error, it should be AP Lang unless you selected an alternate choice. I have only spoken to five of you who this applied to- three will be corrected and two are now top on the waiting list as many students are not thoroughly reading their emails and following close directions.
The ONLY students/class this DOES NOT apply for is dual-credit law. I am still working on what types of college credit we can get for going through 3 years of law, so sit tight. You will already take some higher level courses, and we can offer some exciting courses around bill of rights and the juvenile justice system! You all might need to finalize your process when we get back in early September, but it must get done if you continue with the Law program. 

You will need to patiently wait as I am still sifting through nearly 200 applications. Ms. Garfield does not know as I am in charge of this program. These updates are the most current information. I should have updated numbers by June 19th and notify people. Please stop stressing. It's the end of the year and fun fest is around the corner. Start planning your summer opportunities and I will keep you updated once I can sit down and finish the registration process. Links are on the side for your convenience.
``````````````````````````````````````````````````````Update: June 5, 2018```````````````````````````````````````````````````
Hancock will offer it's final opportunity to take the placement exam on Saturday, June 9, 2018 at 9 am. Remember I had to change the date because the City College will update it's application process on June 11th and we want to be set by then! Check the google classroom for link to register for your spot. 
At this point, the only students who should still be taking the placement test are any sophomores who are signed up for a dual course next year, and has not yet taken the Read to Write exam. Any Juniors who scored between 510-530 on the SAT and wants to try to get into the class.
ALL RISING JUNIORS- We would like to see a placement test on file for you if you have not yet taken one. Spanish and Law will still have a different placement score, but we still want you to take the test. RISING SENIORS- I will use your SAT score.
=>Do I have to complete both the online application and the paper application?
YES!!! Remember that your online application is to accepted as a student at Daley. The paper application is your registration paperwork to confirm your status as a student through City Colleges of Chicago. You are a college student after that. You receive a college transcript. This is a big deal. If you fail the class, you could possible pay back the tuition AND start your college transcript with an F on your transcript. Your parents need to be informed and sign off on the agreements. When you go to college after this, you will complete the process and it is MORE difficult- we will help you though :-)
=>Do I have to complete both applications to take any dual course offered next year?
YES! Daley does not allow us to "mix" classes as that could jeopardize Hancock's ability to offer any dual course in the future. All students who take one of our courses MUST complete both application processes, and meet the SAT score OR pass the placement exam.
By now, ALL of you should have received an email from me telling you about next steps. Please read updates carefully as I have been pretty thorough about addressing questions and concerns as they come along from both students and staff! If you have questions that are not addressed here, email me. 
Dual Credit/ Dual-Enrollment Updates...........May 30, 2018
If yes, keep reading. If not- STOP. It is TOO late to register, you needed to register for the class during our internal programming before Spring Break. Contracts are NOT available online, you can only get that from a counselor. If you did not return a contract, pick it up when you get counselor signatures/transcripts for your paper application.
Hello My Potential Dual-Credit Lovelies!
Right now, I am seated with City Colleges specifically for dual-credit and this is the most up-to-date-information, so READ CAREFULLY. 
New Requirement:
ALL STUDENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE A PLACEMENT TEST AND/OR QUALIFYING SAT SCORE ON FILE TO TAKE ANY OF OUR CLASSES NEXT YEAR. Juniors can only place by SAT scores, Sophomores can only place through the City College exams (Read to Write). Please see below for each class requirement at Hancock for the Fall, 2018.
SPANISH 101/102: Read to Write placement exam OR the SAT exam
ENGLISH 101/102: Read to Write placement exam score of 6 or above OR SAT score of 540 and above
CRIMINAL JUSTICE: Read to Write placement exam OR SAT, AND successfully completing Law 1, Law 2, and Law 3
OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING (COMPUTER SCIENCE): Read to Write Placement Exam AND a Passing Score of a 3 or above on the AP Computer Science Principles exam
ALL students are required to complete an online application to the City Colleges (please see previous posts). You cannot take ANY dual course if you are currently not registered as an official student through the City Colleges. You must officially be registered at Hancock AND Daley in order to be eligible for the courses.
This process can take UP TO A WEEK so please try to start your application tonight. You will need to submit the online application and wait to be issued a student ID number from City Colleges as it does NOT match your CPS ID number. Then you will log into your  new online account and complete the registration process to remove the SIR hold that will be on your account until you verify your address.  You should be able to do all of this online, without having to go into Daley in person.
Rising Seniors ONLY:
You will receive a personalized email with one of 3 outcomes. CHECK YOUR EMAIL WITH NEXT STEPS!
1. Congratulations, you successfully met the requirements of City Colleges and are placed into the course! You should now be moving on to the online application/paper application process. These are due to me by: Friday, June 8, 2018
2. You did not meet the SAT requirements, however, you fell within a certain percentage, and you have the OPTION to take the placement test if you REALLY want to take the English 101 course. You must let me know if you would like to pursue this option by replying to my email. (Next test date: June 12, 2018)
3. You did not meet the SAT requirements and you will be placed into either Honors English III or AP Language (which you should have chosen as a back up during programming). If you did not choose a back-up English course, please see your counselor after you receive a draft schedule in June. 
Rising Juniors ONLY:
You should have already completed the 1. online application 2. the placement test AND 3. the paper application. If you have not yet done these- see all my previous posts on dual closely. I have step-by-step directions. Currently, I only have 14 completed applications. Please print out the application, complete it and put it in my mailbox with a copy of your ID as your final step. We will have a in-person session during ACLAB on June 5th to clarify any confusion about this.
Note** You should not be going to Daley without talking to me first, they have reached out to me about students showing up who have not yet completed these steps. **


Remember during programming we talked about how important it is to build a class so we can offer it? Well, we won't have enough to build this class next year at Hancock. Therefore, we will NOT have the dual-credit math at Hancock next year. 

What does that mean for you?
If you are currently in Geometry, you will move into your next math course- Adv. Alg w/ Trig. If you are already in Algebra II, you will move into Pre-Calculus, as these are our courses in our Math program of study. 
If you did not choose a math back up, you will want to make sure that you pay attention to your draft schedule in June so we can make any adjustments.  We will try again to offer the Math class in 2019-2020, but we won't be able to do it next year. 
Also- if you signed up for Dual-Enrollment for the summer- and you decide to NOT go- you must reapply online to the City Colleges in order to be eligible for the class in the Fall. Please work with Ms. Ali (your college counselor) closely if you are taking a summer class. Remember that you are technically a college student, I will help as much as possible, but you will be doing your own outreach for summer programming. Make sure to use your resources and email Ms. Ali if you need help with summer classes!!
Dual Enrollment in the Fall? 
Juniors, right now, you should also be starting the paper application process. You will be removed from any dual-enrollment course if I do not have a paper application on file by Friday, June 15, 2018.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Update: 5.15.2018~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Rising Juniors!
Have you taken the placement test? Remember the deadline for Fall programming is May 31st! If you have not yet done so, download and fill out the application (you should see this on the side of the screen).
Step One: Fill out the City College Application (Should be done for most of you)
Step Two: Complete your required placement tests (Math and/or English/Reading/Writing)
Step Three: Download the paper application, fill it out, and return the documents to me. Don't forget to add a copy of your ID and placement exam scores!
(Tip*** You can save paper by emailing me an image of your ID and a screenshot of your placement exam scores so I can print them out for you and attach them to the paper application.)
Step Four: Drop off all the required documents to Ms. Puentes (or my mailbox outside my office in the main office).
Fall Programming, School Year 2018-2019 Updates:
Rising Seniors:
 Your participation in the dual course next year will be dependent on your SAT scores. Remember that you need a minimum of a 540 in Read-to-Write and a minimum of 530 in Math to enroll in the program. You will receive more information about nexts steps in the application process after we receive your test scores.
Rising Juniors:
 You are REQUIRED to take the City College Placement test to see if you are eligible for the class! You have the option of taking the test at Hancock, or at Daley, but you are required to complete the application process before May 31, 2018. 

Here is the information about our placement test below:

When: Saturday, May 5, 2018
Where: Hancock Library
Time: 9:00 a.m. (usually lasts from 2-3 hours, self paced)
Check your Google Classroom and complete the required survey for all new participants in the program! 
Oh no, I did not attend the placement test at school. Now what?!
"City Colleges of Chicago Placement Test(s) are 100% online test(s) accessible anywhere, anytime, via my.ccc.edu. Placement tests give us a better understanding of your knowledge and skills so that we can get you started in the best courses for you."
Juniors- you will qualify with SAT scores only. I don't want you taking the placement test as you will need to take it again next year, and you can only do it one time per 12 calendar months.
Sophomores- Relax! You can also take the test at anytime at Daley! Here is the information. Please remember to "Print" a confirmation and either save it as a PDF and email it to [email protected], OR provide me with a hard copy.