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News & Updates

Update: 5.15.2018
Rising Juniors!
Have you taken the placement test? Remember the deadline for Fall programming is May 31st! If you have not yet done so, download and fill out the application (you should see this on the side of the screen).
Step One: Fill out the City College Application (Should be done for most of you)
Step Two: Complete your required placement tests (Math and/or English/Reading/Writing)
Step Three: Download the paper application, fill it out, and return the documents to me. Don't forget to add a copy of your ID and placement exam scores!
(Tip*** You can save paper by emailing me an image of your ID and a screenshot of your placement exam scores so I can print them out for you and attach them to the paper application.)
Step Four: Drop off all the required documents to Ms. Puentes (or my mailbox outside my office in the main office).
Fall Programming, School Year 2018-2019 Updates:
Rising Seniors:
 Your participation in the dual course next year will be dependent on your SAT scores. Remember that you need a minimum of a 540 in Read-to-Write and a minimum of 530 in Math to enroll in the program. You will receive more information about nexts steps in the application process after we receive your test scores.
Rising Juniors:
 You are REQUIRED to take the City College Placement test to see if you are eligible for the class! You have the option of taking the test at Hancock, or at Daley, but you are required to complete the application process before May 31, 2018. 

Here is the information about our placement test below:

When: Saturday, May 5, 2018
Where: Hancock Library
Time: 9:00 a.m. (usually lasts from 2-3 hours, self paced)
Check your Google Classroom and complete the required survey for all new participants in the program! 
Oh no, I did not attend the placement test at school. Now what?!
"City Colleges of Chicago Placement Test(s) are 100% online test(s) accessible anywhere, anytime, via my.ccc.edu. Placement tests give us a better understanding of your knowledge and skills so that we can get you started in the best courses for you."
Juniors- you will qualify with SAT scores only. I don't want you taking the placement test as you will need to take it again next year, and you can only do it one time per 12 calendar months.
Sophomores- Relax! You can also take the test at anytime at Daley! Here is the information. Please remember to "Print" a confirmation and either save it as a PDF and email it to vpuentes@cps.edu, OR provide me with a hard copy.