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Student Wellness


Welcome to Hancock’s Student Wellness Page!

The Hancock community is committed to helping students maintain their optimal levels of wellness. Therefore, this page will provide students with information, tips, and resources to help them focus on their individual wellness.


What does wellness mean?

The wellness wheel is a visual guide to better understand the seven dimensions or areas of an individual’s life that make up their overall health. These dimensions are comprised of common characteristics, identities and behaviors. Assessing needs in these seven areas can help you prevent future health problems and consequences by making healthier choices a habit and a part of your everyday life. Everyone at one point of their life struggles with certain or multiple areas of the wheel presented. If one of these areas is becoming too much for you to handle remember that you are not alone. There are trained staff at Hancock who can support, educate, and assist you.
For any questions, feel free to reach out to your counselor


Quick Wellness Tips

  • Eat - Eat regular meals even if you have very little appetite. Little and often is good for you. Keep up your intake of fruits and vegetables.

  • Exercise – Get moving. Physical activity can improve your health and wellbeing. Researchers have shown that exercise improves the psychological health of those who suffer depression and stress.

  • Sleep – Sleep! Ensure that you keep regular hours as much as possible, such as 8 hours. Go to bed and get up at the same time each day, regardless of whether it is during the week or on a regular weekend.

  • Get involved – Being part of a community is good for your mental health. It improves your relationship skills, so nurture old and new friendships. Try not to isolate yourself.

  • Nurture Yourself – You can’t give to others, if you have nothing left to give. Take regular time-outs to recharge your batteries.