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2019 Summer Work for AP Environmental Science

Please download the attachment and read this note from Ms. Neidt:

AP Environmental Science (APES) Summer Work

Welcome to APES! I am very happy that you have decided to take this course and embark upon what I believe will be an exciting and profitable educational journey. This letter contains an outline and brief description of the summer work that is required prior to beginning the school year. By performing these tasks, you will take a huge step towards preparing for the upcoming year. I want you to understand that I, like you, enjoy summer break. This is not intended to be “busy work.” By completing these tasks, you will perform a lot of research on concepts and sources of information that we will be using throughout the year.

Because the APES exam will be held in the afternoon on Monday, May 11, 2020, class time is very precious. We will use most of April reviewing for the exam. This leaves us with about 6 months, including breaks and holidays, to prepare for the AP Exam. It is imperative that we use our time as efficiently as possible. There are 20 chapters in the textbook, and we will cover all of them. That works out to about 1 chapter of a college-level textbook every 1.5 weeks! The more we accomplish in the summer, the smoother things will go for us.

APES is an immense field of study. Not only is it a science in the traditional sense, it is complicated by societies, opinions, governments, beliefs, economics, laws and ethics. If you want to succeed in APES, you’ll need to constantly embrace this interdisciplinary perspective.

This is a college level course! Therefore I expect college level work habits from my students.

The major topics we will be covering this year are:

  • The Living World: Ecosystems and Biodiversity
  • Populations
  • Earth Systems and Resources
  • Land and Water Use
  • Energy Resources and Consumption
  • Atmospheric Pollution
  • Aquatic and Terrestrial Pollution
  • Global Change

The following pages outline the assignments that are due when we return to school in the fall.  If you attend AP Bootcamp on Friday, August 2nd, we will also review the summer assignment expectations together.

Please email me at ANY TIME with questions or concerns. I typically respond very promptly to professionally written emails. I look forward to our year together learning about Environmental Science!

Most sincerely,

Ms. Neidt