Advanced Placement (AP) Program » 2020 Summer Work for AP Studio Art

2020 Summer Work for AP Studio Art

AP Studio Art Summer Boot Work

Students complete sketchbook assignments in their sketchbooks during the summer.   Assignments include but are not limited to:

Kitchen drawings in ink

Egg drawings in pencil

Exterior spaces

Additional interior spaces


The figure (contour line, gesture, proportion)


Organic structure

Machines (bicycle, motorcycle, lawn mower, cake mixer)

The idea is that students fill up their sketchbook with assignments as well as individual/student voice drawings and that as a class we address drawing concerns that students are having during the bootcamp.  If there is a consensus concern among the class we will all work on a drawing to address that concern. For example, if many students are having trouble drawing hands we will work together on drawing hands.

Requirements for bootcamp:

Students must bring artwork completed during the summer and they must bring a sketchbook with completed assignments.  We want to see attempts and mistakes.

Do not come to the bootcamp without a sketchbook with work in it!