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Raul Castillo was born 1980 in a small town, Techaluta de Montenegro, Jalisco Mexico. He is married and has two sons and one daughter.  In 1996, his parents decided to move to the United States, he was 16 years old. He started to go to high school in the Southside of Chicago. His journey of becoming bilingual, coping to a new culture, a new society and to reach the goal of becoming a teacher had begun. It was a difficult process since he was the first one in his family to attempt to dream to have a college career, but it was even harder when he was about to enter college and his father passed away. Having to support his mother, himself and college took him to a different road. He had to work very hard to accomplish his dream working in three different locations: in a foreign language department in college during weekdays, in a car wash during weekends and night shift in UPS.  One of the most difficult challenges for him was to prove people around him wrong about getting a degree from college. He always believed in himself even if other people did not. He learned that life was about choices, and one of those choices was to persuade a college career in education no matter how difficult or how long will that take him. He also learned that people do not know what they are able to accomplish until they try it. In 2008 he graduated from Chicago State University with the degree Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and that same year he was offered a math position at John Hancock College Preparatory High School. He has been a member of Hancock family since then. Higher Education has giving him a lot of life recompenses such his wife that he met in college who currently is a kindergarten Teacher. Finally, he sees college as a ticket to have a better life and that learning is a life process.