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Froy Jimenez is an accomplished CPS high school teacher/coach for over 15 years.  He utilizes teaching History and other Social Sciences and as a way to build reading, writing, critical thinking and analytical life skills.  He has used his bi-lingual ability to better communicate and overcome the many linguistic and cultural challenges that arise in the Chicago Public School system.  His evaluations by Principals and supervisors alike prove that he is a devoted teacher and committed to achieving high quality results.  He is a member of Hancock's local school council and the only teacher in all of Chicago on the Local School Council Advisory Board, a group that gives recommendations on academic and school policies to the Board of Education. He works proactively in cooperation with parents and uses sports and other extracurricular activities to better connect to students and develop a safe community atmosphere and trust.

Froy came to the United States from Mexico at the age of seven. Learning English in a new school system would prove especially difficult for Froy. But getting the support and encouragement he needed from his teachers, Froy did more that just get through. After earning a scholarship and completing his B.A. in International Affairs at Marquette Unversity, he went on to receive his Master’s degree in Public Administration in Liverpool, England and then earned a Master’s degree in Education from National Louis University.

 At the very heart of Froy’s educational and career experiences is Service. His efforts in the business and political world have been centered-around helping others. From community relations to youth outreach he has always succeeded as a Latino leader and liaison.  From the beginning of his career he has made a conscious effort to give back in underperforming and underserved communities. 

His story has come full circle.  His experiences and record of accomplishment serve as yet another successful U.S Immigrant example that helps inspire the next generation of leaders.  Froy is a motivational and passionate teacher and coach that provides his students and those around him the same guidance, dedication, and educational opportunities that were afforded him. He believes that with enough encouragement and direction, students can develop the kind of focus and determination they need to overcome the obstacles on their own journey to success.