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Mr. Jaime Avalos began his career as an educator at Hancock more than 18 years ago. He was raised in the Southwest area of Chicago. Mr. Avalos has a great passion for instructing the Spanish. In addition, he has dedicated over 8 years to coaching the school's soccer team. However, he now finds joy in spending quality time with his wife and daughters.
Mr. Avalos possesses a deep understanding of the challenges associated with learning a new language. He recognizes the importance of practicing with native speakers in a supportive and confidential environment.
Hobbies and Interests:
Apart from his profession, Mr. Avalos finds enjoyment in various activities such as teaching, reading, running, biking, playing and watching soccer, appreciating music, exploring different restaurants, and visiting beaches.



Teacher Office Hours:

First AcLab (Room 230)

-After school, by appointment only             


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Learning a language
is like doing a jigsaw puzzle of a million pieces
with a picture that keeps changing.
It's like getting lost in a foreign city without a map.
It's like playing tennis without a ball,
like being an ant in a field of grasshoppers.
It's being an acrobat with a broken leg,
an actor without a script,
a carpenter without a saw,
a storyteller without a middle or an end.

But then gradually
it’s like being out in the early morning
with the mists lifting.
It’s like a chink of light under a door,
like finding the glove you were looking for,
catching the train you thought you were going to miss,
getting an unlooked-for present,
exchanging a smile.

And then one day it's like riding a bicycle
very fast downhill.

Olivia McMahon