Professional Personnel Leadership Committee (PPLC)

The purpose of the PPLC is to develop and formally present recommendations to the principal and the local school council on all matters of educational program, including but not limited to curriculum, school improvement plan development and implementation, and school budgeting.
The PPLC shall meet once a month with the principal to make recommendations to the principal regarding the specific methods and contents of the school’s curriculum and to make other educational improvement recommendations approved by the committee. A report from the committee regarding these matters may be an agenda item at each regular meeting of the local school council.
The principal shall provide the committee with the opportunity to review and make recommendations regarding the school improvement plan and school budget. The teacher members of the local school council may bring motions concerning the recommendations approved by the committee, which motions shall formally be considered at meetings of the local school council.
The membership of the PPLC for 2022-2023 school year is:
  • Froylan Jimenez (Co-Chairperson and LSC Teacher Representative)
  • Abla Ayesh (Co-Chairperson and LSC Teacher Representative)
  • Katherine Donalek
  • Leandro Padilla
  • Jennifer Velazquez
  • Jeschelyn Pilar
  • Andrew Martinek
  • Marvin Evins
  • Violeta Cerna-Prado
The 2023-2024 PPLC meetings will occur on the Monday before the Local School Council meeting at 3:30PM in room 105.  
Minutes from the meetings will be posted here.