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Hancock Youth Leaders Principles:
—It is important to build meaningful relationships across race, class, gender, and generations to strengthen the existing social capital of young people in our communities.
—Youth leadership development takes a long time -- it is a process. Caring adults need to invest in young people over a period of years.
—Young people must lead positive change themselves in order for it to succeed.
—Leadership programs must identify, nurture and support more than a talented elite.


—Elements of our  Hancock Youth Leaders Program:
—Help youth learn specific knowledge and skills related to leadership.
—Enable youth to understand the values and beliefs of their society.
—Facilitate the development of ethics, values and self-development.

—Promote awareness, understanding, and tolerance of other people, cultures and societies.

—Embody high expectations of, confidence in, and respect for the teens served.

—Involve young people in service to others to their community, their school and their world.


Personal Growth – Overnight Camping Trip

Youth Leaders have developed a knowledge of self and others in order to prepare for effective leadership through the exposure to a series of activities that promote healthy self esteem, identity, cultural awareness, development of critical thinking, communication, and organizational skills.


Hancock Youth Leaders as School Ambassadors

Youth Leaders help all year in different school-wide events. Their participation is the key to success of many of our events. They are school ambassadors during Open House, Report Card Pick-Up Days, Orientation Days, School Night Events and the like.


If you are interested in joining the Youth Leaders Club, please contact Mrs. Ouielle-Silva in rm. 214 or via email at  We meet the 3th Thursday of each month (if a major event is coming up then we meet briefly the week before the event.)