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Do you have Photoshop skills? Can you illustrate like crazy?  We want to PAY YOU to design OUR COVER!

The rules:

  • Follow the theme.  You can be loose in your interpretation, but the idea is, “Our lives are now connected by social media.” Don’t just pick one app.  Every section will have a theme app, and the cover should reflect that.
  • The ‘canvas’ should be 17.5” long and 11” tall.  It will consist of a back cover (8.5" x 11"), a spine (.5” x 11”) and a front cover (8.5” x 11”).  The spine should contain the text “John Hancock College Prep" and "2018-2019."
Dimensions of yearbook cover
  • The due date is December 21, 2018, at 8 AM.  Please submit all physical copies to Mr. Toner in the library and all digital copies to
  • Any visual media is acceptable, as long as the work can be eventually digitized.
  • To earn the $100, you must present a camera ready Photoshop file.  If you need help scanning an illustration, Mr. Toner can help you. If you don’t know photoshop… Mr. Toner can probably help you.
  • The cover will have a foil enhancement, meaning that a color will be replaced with either silver or gold foil.  Please work this feature into your design.
  • Check out the Gallery of Past Yearbook Covers for inspiration