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Students at John Hancock College Prep HS take a core sequence of Physics, Chemistry and Biology courses, and have the option to pursue several elective and AP courses in a field of their interest. By taking Physics as freshmen, students begin their science education by following the same path a scientist follows: observation, prediction, experimentation, and open discussion. Additionally, students begin applying their mathematical skills to authentic scientific problems. In sophomore year, students apply these same fundamental concepts and practices to the microscopic world in Chemistry, with an additional emphasis on modeling to represent large or small systems that are then directly studied in the classroom. As juniors, students apply these practices to the macroscopic world in Biology, further develop their scientific explanation, reasoning and argumentation skills.


AP Physics, AP Chemistry, and AP Biology, as well as EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service), and Forensics offer upperclassmen exposure to diverse rigorous curricula in preparation for college and post-secondary pursuits. Our hope is that students' growing curiosity about our natural world and the scientific practices they have acquired through these courses and experiences will lead them to explore scientific research and engineering opportunities beyond high school.