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Hancock College Prep Music Department 

The Hancock College Prep Music Department offers a variety of courses designed to invite both novice and advanced musicians to express their creativity, seek independence and build confidence. Students with less experience will feel comfortable in our Music Appreciation, Beginning Band and Beginning Chorus courses. As students continue their Music education, they can focus on their instrumental skills with Mr. Catomer as a member of the Band (II-IV), or focus on their vocal skills with Mrs. Farr as a member of the Hancock Chorus (II-IV).

Our Hancock musicians learn a variety of valuable skills that will help them to become more confident leaders after they leave our campus. Inviting our students to look at learning as a journey, not a destination is important to us; and the skills we employ throughout the year are designed to invite productive struggle, questioning/discussion, and both independence and teamwork. Teaching skills that will allow our students to become both independent musicians and thoughtful members of society is a hallmark of our program.


Our goal is to enable all of our Hancock musicians to be able to:

  • Synthesize information
  • Create original works and share their voice
  • Evaluate themselves and their peers
  • Display self-reliance and confidence