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Mathematics Department

The goal of the math department is that students will engage with the Common Core Math Standards and related mathematical practices, build mathematical literacy and fluency, and apply math to real world scenarios. In class, students work creatively and collaboratively to solve problems, develop logic and reasoning, and hone their mathematical thinking skills.


The math curriculum consists of the following required courses:


Algebra I

This course introduces students to the language of Algebra. Students learn how to model patterns and real world relationships with linear, exponential, and quadratic equations and inequalities. Students extend their understanding of the properties of real numbers to perform operations on polynomials. Students learn how to integrate these skills to solve systems of linear equations and inequalities.



In this course, students learn to write proofs of geometric properties. They experiment with transformations of plane figures and explore the properties of circles. Students model real world problems with area, volume, and surface area. Students begin their work with trigonometry through the study of right triangles.


Algebra II

Students build on concepts explored in Algebra I. They extend their knowledge of systems of linear equations to solve systems of linear and quadratic equations and systems of three. Students further their understanding radical and polynomial functions. They begin their exploration of logarithmic functions and imaginary numbers.


Students who complete all required classes may take any of the following electives: Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and Dual Enrollment courses offered through the City Colleges of Chicago.


The Math Department is also pleased to offer Financial Algebra, a semester long class paired with Civics, which provides students with financial management skills such as calculating loan payments, completing tax forms, and managing bank accounts.