Poetry Podcasts

  • Michelle Valencia explores what can a poem do by Darius Daughtry; Michelle highlights the power of poetry as she explores Daughtry's ultimate argument that poems can be essential for navigating personal and political struggles, as they potentially empower us to defend our ideas and advocate for our rights.
  • Vivian C and Lizbeth L examine Aracelis Girmay's poem Consider the Hands that Write this Letter; Liz and Vivian explore the mind-body connection in writing and how the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects can be intertwined.
  • Daniela G and Gabriela B unpack Digging by Seamus Heaney; in addition to exploring the imagery of the poem, Daniela and Gaby reflect on the tensions of following your own individual path while remaining true to the traditions of your family and heritage.
  • Neyra Ledesma meditates on JP Howard's praise poets and their pens; for Neyra, the personal element of this poem resonated most as she reflects on what Howard illuminates about the strength of a community of women and the particular experiences of mothers.