Drama I (Period 1)

Ms. Sarah Baranoff
Drama Department

Course Description

Drama I introduces students to theatre in various forms. Students look at theatre in an historical context, as a personal creative outlet, and as a vehicle for social commentary and change.  Students learn to feel comfortable expressing themselves through voice and movement. They collaborate as an ensemble and learn to create and appreciate various types of theatre through improvisation and critical analysis of classic and modern theatre. An important aspect of this class is incorporating the key elements of acting into every performance.

Drama is a year-long course intended to teach students to analyze and perform dramatic texts in a live theater setting.  Students will become familiar with the vocabulary and techniques used every day by people working as professionals in the theater.  The culminating project of this class is a live production on the stage for an audience. All students are required to participate in this production in order to receive credit for this course. There are also field trips to see professional productions as part of this course. Students who are ineligible to attend these trips are expected to make arrangements to see these productions on their own time.

Beginning the first day of class, students will learn classroom routines to help them work productively.  These routines will guide what happens in the classroom every day and become tools for success. Active participation is critical in this class; students must be present on time every day in order to be successful. Lessons and activities for this course will address both the Common Core State Standards National Core Arts Standards.  Students will become more proficient in all elements of literacy including: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language as we work through a rigorous curriculum.