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Mr. Stephen Farr, a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, believes that all students deserve excellent learning opportunities. He utilizes the modeling method of teaching physics and chemistry in his classroom. Modeling allows Mr. Farr to invite his students to build their own understanding with their peers, and then to explore how the world works to solve problems. His goals as a teacher are to aid his students in exploring and discovering the fundamental laws that govern our physical universe through experiments and other hands-on activities. His second goal is to help his students to become more familiar with how scientists approach problems so that they can use those skills as they continue on with their schooling and careers. He believes that observation, prediction, experimentation, and open discussion are all vital in the quest to understanding chemistry.


Mr. Farr has taught at Hancock since 2010. During his tenure he has taught physics, environmental science, and biology. Currently, he teaches physics and chemistry, helping to ensure excellent learning opportunities for all chemistry students. 



Mr. Farr is always exploring and investigating, whether in class or in the wild. There is always something interesting that can be gleaned from new experiences, and Mr. Farr uses this approach to bring learning chemistry and physics to life!