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SchooLinks is a modern, student-centric college and career planning platform that helps CPS students in grades 6-12 and families to align personal interests and aspirations with preparation for life beyond high school. Overtime, students will build a personalized portfolio, complete career interest inventories, set goals, search for and apply to colleges and other postsecondary options, find scholarships, track earned certificates and credentials, tap into internship opportunities, develop a robust resume, and much, much more.
SchooLinks is the designated portal we will utilize to meticulously track your progress throughout the post-secondary journey. This platform will serve as the central hub for all your activities, ranging from college applications, transcript and recommendation requests, to monitoring acceptance and denial notifications, as well as managing financial aid award letters.
Underclassmen, SchooLinks will serve as the platform through which you'll undertake a variety of assessments, providing personalized recommendations for optimal career paths, colleges, and more based on your unique interests. Throughout each academic year, you'll engage in a series of tasks designed to enhance self-awareness and prepare you for your post-secondary exploration by the time you reach senior year.
With SchooLinks, monitoring your student's progress in their post-secondary journey has never been more convenient. Through your account, you'll have easy access to view your student's applications, assessments, as well as any meeting notes they have with the counselor, college and career coach, and other staff members.
Please note that as of mid-October, parent access is not yet available. CPS is actively collaborating with SchooLinks to introduce this feature, and further details will be provided once parent access is made available. Stay tuned for more information.
To log in to your SchooLinks account, simply click on the link below, then select "Login with Google" and enter your CPS credentials.