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About Me

Mr. Gutierrez is a proud Chicago native, raised in the vibrant Southwest side, particularly the Gage Park area. He kickstarted his educational journey at Sawyer Elementary School and continued on to Jones College Prep. Afterward, Mr. Gutierrez made his way to DeKalb, Illinois, where he enrolled at Northern Illinois University.
During his time at Northern Illinois, he explored various academic paths, initially majoring in Accounting before discovering his true passion in Communication with a focus on Media Studies. Following the successful completion of his Bachelor's degree, he gained valuable experience working with non-profit organizations, including TRIO Upward Bound. It was here that he discovered his calling to support high school students, prompting him to return to Northern Illinois for his Master's degree in Higher Education & Student Affairs.
Amidst the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, he completed his Master's in Higher Education & Student Affairs and embarked on a new career search. In the Fall of 2021, he assumed the role of College & Career Coach at the newly established Englewood STEM High School. Throughout his tenure, from August 2021 to October 2023, he spearheaded notable initiatives like the Annual College, Career, & Military Fair and the Stroll The Yard Greek Showcase. His exceptional dedication led to the prestigious Platinum Recognition of Excellence Award for Financial Aid Application Completion by ISAC for their inaugural Graduating Class.
In October 2023, Mr. Gutierrez transitioned to John Hancock College Prep, where he continues his mission to guide students through the college application process and introduce innovative ideas to enrich the campus community.