Hour of Code

Welcome to the Hour of Code!


Computer science is the art of blending human ideas and digital tools to increase our power. Computer scientists work in so many different areas: writing apps for phones, curing diseases, creating animated movies, working on social media, building robots that explore other planets and so much more.


You are joining over 650,000,000 students in over 180 countries in coding for one hour.


This hour has been set up to allow you to choose what you would like to code. There are many possibilities from coding a Flappy Bird game, helping Wonder Woman save the world, to writing an App for your phone to learning a bit of JavaScript or Python. 


Do you need to set up a login? The answer is “it depends.”  If you want to save your work to show others or continue where you left off then you will need to set up a login.  If that is not important to you than you can jump right to the tutorials without creating a login for yourself. If you created a login last year, it still should be good.


To create a login click on “Sign in with Google Account”


There are a lot of tutorials to choose from!  Click here for the list of tutorials.

Mr. Schmidt recommends that search for a tutorial by clicking on: 


And using these settings:


Once you have selected a tutorial simply click on the link, start coding and most of all have fun