Hancock Highschool at CCML Finals

In our first year in the much more competitive Division B of the City of Chicago Math League (CCML), Hancock finished a respectable 6th…ONLY ONE POINT BEHIND THE #5 SCHOOL!!! Next year! 

Our Algebra 1 team gets special congratulations for taking us to the #2 spot in Algebra 1 team standings. Our Geometry team took us to the #5 spot; our Algebra 2 team took us to the #4 spot and our Pre-Calculus team took us to the #5 spot…all in the Division B category with schools that are sometimes 2 and 3 times bigger than Hancock!

In the final 5th contest of the season, Jakub Morawa blew away the Division B Algebra 1 competition by tying for 1st place while Axel Oliva earned a #6 berth, Uriel Cardoso a #7 and Andres Aldana an #8. In Geometry, Noemi Medina tied for 9th place with Danna Flores and Daisy Rodriguez-Madrid not far behind. In Algebra 2, Noel Hernandez walked away with a tie for 3rd and Valeria Horta landed in 5th, Sebastian Wong in 6th and Juan Bravo in 7th. Finally, in the Pre-Calculus Contest 5, Anthony Rubio garnered a tie for 5th, Estefany Guzman a tie for 6th, both Alexander Valle and Yasmin Lozano in 9th and Valeria Izaguirre close behind. A great showing for all and a fond farewell to our Pre-Calculus team who have been anchoring the Hancock math team for 4 years now! Congratulations and thank you to them all!

SUPER special congratulations to Jakub Morawa and Axel Oliva on the Algebra 1 team for earning the 2nd and 6th place cumulative laurels respectively among all Division B and C Algebra 1 mathematicians; Noel Hernandez and Sebastian Wong for the 7th and 10th place cumulative laurels respectively among all Division B and C Algebra 2 mathematicians; and Estefany Guzman for the 10th place cumulative laurels among all Division B and C Pre-Calculus mathematicians! That’s WELL over 13,000 CPS mathematicians in just Division B alone! Give them all a PI-five the next time you see them!