Hancock Volleyball Team Beautification Project

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September 27, 2022 


Photographed, written, and read by Ariel Herrera for Hancock College Prep’s journalism class


The Hancock volleyball team volunteers fill flower beds in the court yard with mum flowers. Coach Mantia explained that she wanted her team to be part of a small beautification of the school. She believes that community service was a great way to bond as a team while also getting their hands dirty. 

Volleyball teambuilding

Sophia Montoya and Angela Sifuentes are working together to plant mums in the flower beds located in the school courtyard. Angela, an outside hitter on varsity, states, “It brought us together not only as teammates but as friends.” Sophia, a defense specialist, also describes her experience as, “something that made us feel like a team, even off the court.”

Volleyball teambuilding

Nailani Deaton, the varsity defense specialist, gets her hands dirty during the small community service project. Nailani states, “It was really fun to laugh with my team and get to know them outside of a volleyball setting.” 

Volleyball teambuilding

Yaylen Martinez places her mums in the soil of the school's flower beds. She states, “I enjoyed going out with my teammates and doing something good for our community.” 

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