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Greetings Hancock Families!

We have wrapped up the third quarter and are preparing for Report Card Pick-Up, which will be held Thursday, April 21, 2022. Staff will be available for meetings from 12:00 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. We want to provide families with as much flexibility as possible and will be offering in-person and virtual conferences. It is essential that you have an appointment in advance so we can accommodate both options. Here is what you need to know to make your appointment:

  1. Find the staff member(s) that you would like to meet with in the chart below.  Staff members are listed by department, with the exception of administration and support staff.
  2. Click on the staff member's name to be redirected to their Google Calendar sign up page, where you will see available time slots for the day.
  3. Choose the time slot that works best for you. In the description box, please include your child’s name as well as your preference for an “in-person” or “virtual” conference. You can also include if you need language assistance, such as translating, so teachers can be better prepared for the meeting.
  4. If you selected a virtual option, the staff member will use google meets to start a video conference with you at your scheduled time. If you are coming into the building, please allow time to walk to your appointment locations.
  5. If your email address does not allow you to complete these steps, please have your child use their student’s cps student account to create the appointment and access the meet.

Walk-ins will be limited, as teachers might have scheduled meetings with parents; however, you are more than welcome to stop by and check teacher availability, which will be posted on the outside of their door. Please make sure that you review the CPS Health Screener prior to coming to the school, and remember that mask usage is optional, but encouraged, inside of Hancock.

 We encourage you to log into ASPEN Parent Portal where you will have access to your child’s most current grades. If you need help accessing your account, please reach out to Ms. Diana Lopez at [email protected]

Local School Council Elections

We want to thank everyone who submitted their application to join our LSC for the upcoming school year. Candidate information is available here. All seats are up for election, including students, parents, community representatives, and staff. Voting will take place in person on Thursday, April 21st for all seats, with the exception of students, who submitted their votes today.  We encourage everyone to stop by to cast your vote! 

Thank you so much for your support this quarter and we look forward to seeing you next Thursday!


Vanessa Puentes 



Vanessa Puentes


Natalie Garfield,

Assistant Principal

Amy Wenzler

Assistant Principal




Sarah Baranoff

Caroline Gonzalez

Jesus Aldana

Matthew Bozik

Paul Mirek

Jacqueline Beck

John Catomer

Maura Nugent

Arianna Bentel

Margaret Farr

Sean O'Bra

Raul Castillo

Jessica Rosenbaum

Heather Pavona

Kate Donalek


Jeschelyn Pilar

Shawn Keys

Samirah Alam

Ray Salazar

Holicia Stevens

Jaime Avalos

Eric Splinter

Roy Zook

Maria Joyce

Jennifer Velazquez


Maribel Ouielle-Silva


Cristen Chapman

Amy Phillips

Jennifer Alafnan

Jennifer Dowd

Lucy Wright

Stephen Farr

Brooke Grant-Snow


Scott McCartney

Froylan Jimenez

Cynthia Mantia

Erin Neidt

Andrew Martinek

Ryan Martin

Joseph Page

Benjamin Mendelson

Blake Tomczak

Aidan Phillips

Darius Norvilas

David Toro

Anne Pluchar

Sarah Jane Simons


Jennifer Stites



Renata Walkosz


Abla Ayesh

Computer Info Tech & 

Diego Diaz

Luis Moreno


Melissa Rogalla

Javier Sanchez

Marvin Evins

Fatima Salgado

Sabrina Torres

Steven May

Julie Sheridan, Case Manager

Leandro Padilla

Jay Sipek

Dorian Sitkoski

Christine Diaz-Luna, WOW Counselor

Javier Martinez, BAM Counselor

Cynthia Cadenhead, Social Worker

Adriana Herrera, 

Youth Interventionist

Jose Gutierrez, 

Youth Interventionist

Diana Lopez, 

Parent Resource Coordinator