New free Benefit to CPS Parents/Caregivers supporting mental health

We understand the importance of good mental health, so we’re teaming up with Sleepio and Daylight: two personalized digital programs that use cognitive and behavioral techniques to address poor sleep, worry, and anxiety.
Sleepio is a science-backed sleep improvement program that teaches you to establish healthy sleep patterns to get a better night’s sleep and wake up energized, even if you’ve struggled with poor sleep for years. In one randomized trial, Sleepio helped 76% of poor sleepers achieve healthy sleep.
Daylight is a clinically proven app that helps you to gain control over your worry and anxiety. It addresses the underlying causes of your worries and teaches you techniques you can practice in as little as a few minutes a day. In a recent clinical trial, Daylight helped 71% of participants reduce worry and anxiety.
Sleepio and Daylight are available at no cost to parents and caregivers of Chicago Public School students.
If you have questions about the program, please email
Click THIS link to try Sleepio today!
Click THIS link to try Daylight today!