Debate Team Highlights

Congratulations to the 7 Hancock students who competed in the final debate tournament of this school year on Thursday:
Munpreet Kaur
LIzbeth Lopez
Zoey Garcia
Neyra Ledesma-Nieto
Mayra Sandoval
Jennifer Gutierrez
Emilia Swiderska
Lizbeth Lopez came in #10 speaker.
Mayra Sandoval earned an individual speaker recognition from a judge and came in as #9 speaker.
Mayra Sandoval and Jennifer Gutierrez earned 8th place in the top team awards.
Munpreet Kaur and Lizbeth Lopez earned 7th place in the top team awards.
This officially completes the debate season for this school year.  In September, we start up again.  The topic is protecting U.S. water resources.  Please encourage students to be part of Chicago Debates.