Debate Team Highlights

First time debater Celeste Lopez-Martinez earned a top speaker award (#4) in the Rookie category.
In the Novice category (like JV), all four Hancock debaters in this category earned a top speaker award
Melissa Diaz #9
Ramses Valdovinos #8
Kaitlyn Miranda #3
Tamara Ward #1
In the Varsity category--where the competition is TOUGH--both of our debaters earned top speaker awards
Fatima Mendoza #6
Monserrat Espinoza #13
Our Novice teams made it to the top 5 teams !
Ramses Valdovinos and Melissa Diaz #4
Kaitlyn Miranda and Tamara Ward #2
And our Varsity team came in #1!!!
Fatima Mendoza and Monserrat Espinoza
In March, some of our debaters move on to the city championships.  Please congratulate our debaters if you know them!