Hancock Debate Team Succeeds at Tournament

Junior Alejandro Flores was one of the top 20 speakers.
Senior Maximus Lopez and junior Marco Avila earned medals in the top 10 speakers category.
Brand-new debaters who earned recognition in the top 20 team category were freshmen Carla Garcia-Vejar and Jonathan Delgado.
Seniors Maximus Lopez and Julian Garcia and juniors Alejandro Flores and Marco Avila earned trophies in the top 10 teams category.
Sophomore Jose Olivares, a new debater, competed by himself!  He was in one of the top 20 teams of the tournament AND earned a Stand-Out Speaker recognition.
See the photos attached to see all the debaters--and our cool hoodies.
Our next tournament is Saturday, Dec. 14.
Mr. Salazar is the coach.