Podcast Club Interviews Gun Violence Survivors

As part of our Podcast Club at Hancock College Prep, students dedicated time to exploring the aftermath of gun violence.

For the first segment, Rachel Arroyo interviewed a young woman from the Southwest side who was at Orland Square Mall in January when a teenager was fatally shot near the food court.

For the second segment, Rachel was joined by Andrew Diaz as they spoke with Jesse Menendez, a 38-year-old Chicagoan who lost a brother to gun violence in 1986.

Listen to other segments in this episode--or in our other episode about teen mental health--on the Hancock Podcast Club's SoundCloud page.

Wanna be part of this?  Talk to Mr. Salazar in 201 during AC Lab 1 or 3.

https://soundcloud.com/user-960232977/gun-violence-1-3-28-19-1-21-pm Source: Hancock College Prep's SoundCloud page