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If you REALLY want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is how I take my coffee.

Mr. Splinter grew up in a modest automotive industrial town nestled in the quaint and quiet Rock River Valley in southern Wisconsin. After graduating high school, he attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, badgering his way into Film Production and English Literature courses when, after four years of study, he graduated with Bachelor's degrees in both. While enjoying the finest of Madison life, Mr. Splinter was employed by the UW Spanish and Portuguese Department after graduation, aiding undergraduates who were applying for majors and helping guest lecturers navigate the campus.

After his stint at UW-Madison, Mr. Splinter loaded up his mother's 1989 Ford Escort with a few pairs of jeans and his grandmother and Kerouac-ed across the country to western Massachusetts, arriving in Amherst to join their English M.A./Ph.D program. There, he spent days in classes and nights in libraries, studying 19th and 20th century American Literature and teaching composition. Two years of vampire life behind him, he attained his MA degree in Literature and gained a passion for teaching. Degree in hand, he loaded up a dilapidated UHaul with books and returned home for a long-term substitute position.... in a high school!  Realizing he loved teaching at the secondary level, he was admitted into the Chicago Teaching Fellowship program in 2011 and has been teaching at Hancock ever since.

At Hancock, Mr. Splinter has taught English I, English II, and Dual Enrollment through the City Colleges of Chicago. With his Dual Enrollment college course, he guides students to find and magnify their voice in writing. You can read those stories in our literary magazines.

Mr. Splinter's interests are in short stories, contemporary American poetry, zines, film, live music, traveling with his family, book production, letter writing, the hum of a turntable and the cries his dog makes when he sleeps. Teaching some of those things, too.

Mr. Eric Splinter
Dual-Credit English 101/102