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Advanced Placement (AP) Program

AP Bootcamp - Summer 2018
This summer, AP teachers have chosen individual dates for bootcamp... see below for dates and times. Notice that some classes will have multiple days of bootcamp.  Please attend them all. 
June 2018
Class Date Time
AP Biology June 21 9-12
July 2018
Class  Date Time
AP Research July 10 9-12
AP Spanish Literature July 12 and July 13  9-12
AP Government July 16 9-1
AP Statistics July 17 9-12
AP Seminar July 18 9-12
AP United States History July 24 9-1
AP Studio Art July 25 9-12
August 2018
Class  Date Time
AP Psychology August 1 9-12
AP Calculus August 2 9-12
Dual Credit English August 8 9-12
AP English Literature August 13-14 and August 16-17 8-11
AP European History August 16 9-12
AP Environmental Science August 17 9-12
Note: There will be no summer boot camp for AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP World History, AP Computer Science, AP English Language and AP Spanish Language, but there is still summer work. 

All AP classes will have summer work. Please check your email as well as this website for more information.

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